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  • Membership Registration/ Find email Address/ Membership Cancellation

    1. Membership Registration: Use your email ID as your ID on Seoul City’s foreign language homepage. Your membership registration cannot be completed unless you agree with the “Terms of Use” and the “Privacy Policy” of the site and submit all the required information. When registering, you should have your email address validated and use a password that consists of 8~16 characters and numbers without spaces between them.

    2. Member Profile Change: You can change your contact information (except your email address) after signing-in by clicking on “Update Membership” in “My Seoul.”

    3. Membership Cancellation: You can cancel your membership by clicking on the ‘Membership Secession” button at the top right of the “Update Membership” page in “My Seoul”, after sign-in.

  • Find email Address/ Find Password

    1. Find email Address: You can find your email address by clicking on the “Find email/PW” button in “My Soul” and entering your first and last name.

    2. Find Password: Enter your email address and your password will be sent to your email account.

  • My Seoul

    1. This page allows users to access various services and manage their personal information. (The “My Seoul” service is available for members of the Seoul City foreign language homepage.)

  • Page Enlargement/Reduction

    1. You can enlarge or reduce the appearance of the text on all pages of the Seoul City homepage. Simply click on the “+A” button for text enlargement or the “-A” button for reduction.

  • Sending E-mails

    1. You can email the URL of any page on the Seoul City homepage without having to become a member or logging in.

  • Printing

    1. You can print any page of the Seoul City homepage by clicking on the “Print” button.