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  • [Vidéo promotionnelle] Nouveaux lieux à Séoul

    SMG 256
  • We should break up
    A 7-year relationship has ended
    During the past 7 years
    We experienced happiness together
    and also frequent quarrels
    We spent time together
    during our innocent days
    But now
    we will walk in separate ways
    I told you it was too small
    I can wear it!
    Please tighten it more!
    I don’t think that’s possible
    I don’t want to go on

    Sewoon Again
    Would you marry me?
    We are getting married

    Seoul Battleship Park
    Seoul Start-up Hub
    50+ Campus
    We might face many difficulties
    Culture Depot Base
    in the future
    But you will trust me, won’t you?

    Together, you and I
    can overcome any problem!
    This is the wrong place!
    We are going to start anew in Seoul,
    where we first met.
    A new space opens in Seoul in 2018. Check it out at

    Seoullo 7017, Culture Depot Base, Deoksugung Stonewall Walkway, Seoul Battleship Park, Seoul’s Antitank Position, Sewing History Museum, Seoul Start-up Hub, Seoul Bio Hub, Yangjae R&D Innovation Hub, Seoul Innovation Park.
    Sewoon Again, 50+ Southern Campus, Seoul University of Free Citizens, Gyeongchun Line Forest, Seoul Science Center, Seoul Upcycling Plaza, Seoul Sewerage Science Museum, Seoul Botanical Garden, Ichon Hangang Ecological Park, Modu School