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Anyone interested in Seoul and urban administration can serve as an overseas reporter for the city. We appreciate the enthusiastic participation of candidates willing to provide us with relevant and exceptional information and ideas.

1. The number of overseas reporters to be recruited: To be announced.

2. Eligibility

  • Koreans in a foreign country
  • Non-Koreans interested in Seoul and urban administration
  • Good proficiency of English with a solid sense of responsibility.

3. Overseas reporters

< Major assignments >

  • Collect information on relevant policies adopted by major cities in the world and carry out assignments designated by Seoul.
  • Submit original opinions and policies that are potentially relevant for Seoul Metropolitan Government’s formulation of policies.
  • Survey relevant materials for Seoul Metropolitan Government's officials and their inspection visits to cities in foreign countries.

< Relevant areas >

  • Urban administration with a focus on economy, welfare, human rights, environment, transportation, construction and culture.

< Procedure of carrying out assignments >

  • Seoul implements the assignments → Reporters submit their reports on designated assignment → Seoul reviews the submissions with payment compensation
  • Reporters submit assignment proposals → Seoul adopts the proposals → Reporters submit reports → Seoul reviews the reports with payment compensation

    ※ It is up to each reporter whether reporters will carry out an assignment designated by Seoul.

< Support provided to overseas reporters >

  • We will pay for each report according to our internal rules.

4. Submittal deadline: 2014

5. Submit by e-mail: youngparksmg@gmail.com

  • International Relations Division, Manager Park Eun-young  (+82-2-2133-5278)

6. Other documents to be submitted: Completed application form Download

7. Those recruited will receive a notice from us.

Application Information
Application Information
  • Messages can be registered up to 2000 bytes
  • Attachments HWP, DOC, TXT, PPT, XLS, BMP, JPG, PDF extension is limited to