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Voici les activités que les « Seoul Friends » mènent pour faire connaître la marque de Séoul !

  • 网站监督团第二季度报告

    14/06/2018 刘 峥刘 峥 82
  • Global Monitoring Group 2018 English – Emirhan Aksu 1st (2nd quarter)

    14/06/2018 Emirhan AksuEmirhan Aksu 77
    Hello, I have sent my report to english@seoul.go.kr Have nice a day, best regards.
  • Website Monitoring Report ( June 2018)

    14/06/2018 Lorna JungLorna Jung 74
    Hello, Please see attached website monitoring report for June, 2018. Hoping it will help and improve the services of Seoul website for foreigners. Have a great day!
  • 1st (2nd quarter) Monitoring Activity Period

    14/06/2018 Lourdes Grace DimaculanganLourdes Grace Dimaculangan 83
    Good day! I included some redundancy on the news that I have read during the first monitoring month. I also included suggestions on how to improve and make the website more interesting on both korean residents and foreigners. I hope that my suggestions will be considered. Please be assure that I will make my monitoring...   Read more
  • 2018国际监督团提交第二季度活动报告

    13/06/2018 Zhi LeonardZhi Leonard 96
    您好 ,经过测试,发现几个明显问题。 第一,网站加载速度慢,中国当地IP测试。 第二,内容更新不及时,网站目前提供的是2015年的地铁地图。 第三,中文简体化不完全,参杂较多英文及繁体中文内容。 第四,相关嵌入内容信息不完整,Live Cam没有具体检修结束时间。 具体请相见附件,谢谢。
  • Tako Duong – Monitoring Report of the 2018 Global Monitoring Group

    13/06/2018 Ahuva TzadokAhuva Tzadok 71
    Here is my Monitoring Report. Thank you.
  • Monitoring Report website 1st (2nd quarter) 2018 English

    13/06/2018 kim kyung dongkim kyung dong 76
    Hi Seoul Metropolitan Government. Here my report for monitoring website Seoul Metropolitan Goverment. wish can help SMG website more better. Thanks.
  • 1st Monitoring Report Spanish

    13/06/2018 Alexandra Tamayo QuirogaAlexandra Tamayo Quiroga 89
    Hello, Please find here attached the first monitoring report for the Spanish website of SMG.
  • 国际监督团

    13/06/2018 张 旭坤张 旭坤 80
    感谢邀请~ 建议与意见 虽然网站上显示的活动不少,但是从首页上来看并不是很丰富,颜色也比较单调,排版布局虽然比较简洁规范,但看上去有点乏味,应该多散发趣味性,颜色更丰富多彩起来,比如页眉处可使用国旗的颜色等等。 希望更多加一些实用的旅游信息。让外国人去韩国旅游能第一时间就想到首尔市的网站,在这里能得到更多的旅游实用信息。
  • 国际监督团

    13/06/2018 张 旭坤张 旭坤 78
  • Global Monitoring Group 2018❤

    13/06/2018 Reynalyn SantiagoReynalyn Santiago 84
    Hello SMG, I have sent my monitoring report on your email today. I enjoyed working on my report and i hope this can contribute to the development of Seoul Metropolitan’s foreign language website. Thank you so much. ❤
  • Monitoring Report

    13/06/2018 76
    Please see attached.