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  • Seoul City is looking for new Overseas Correspondents

  • SMG 1850

    1. Qualifications to become an Overseas Correspondent for Seoul City
    – Koreans residing in overseas cities
    – Foreigners interested in Seoul City and Seoul City’s policies
    – Excellence in English


    2. Job description of Overseas Correspondents
    – Main activities: Gathering information on advanced cities’ best practices, main policies, main events, etc.; providing opinions, suggestions, and ideas regarding the current policies of Seoul City or other cities; and gathering information required for the official overseas visits of Seoul City delegations
    – Research fields: Various fields related to city policies, including the economy, welfare, human rights, environment, transportation, etc.
    -Procedure: Correspondents are given assignments, which they can choose to carry out according to their interest, and they can suggest a particular subject they would like to research, which will be reviewed by Seoul City and accepted if it is decided that the subject has value for the development of Seoul


    3. Benefits of becoming a Seoul City Overseas Correspondent
    – Prizes are awarded to correspondents who have submitted reports
    – Financial awards are given to correspondents based on the excellence of their activities


    4. Application Form
    – Submit by: March 14, 2014 (Friday)
    – Send by email at youngparksmg@gmail.com or via the website.
    -Successful applicants will be notified by email in mid-March.
    – For more information, please visit the official website.
    – Any questions, suggestions, or comments can be sent to Ms. Eun-young Park  (youngparksmg@gmail.com )